Air Freight


Providing the means to quickly transport cargo over great distances, air freight is vital to international logistics and an essential offering for any service provider. Delightsome Logistics is proud to offer a comprehensive and flexible air freight forwarding service that is reliable, fast and secure.

Service built on experience

Our air freight service is continually developed to ensure it continues to meet the needs of clients who rely on it. This is made possible because of our deep understanding of airborne logistics, which has been acquired from years of industry experience.

Tailored solutions

We are proud to offer our customers tailored air freight solutions that meet their logistics needs right down to the last detail. With a choice of airport-to-airport and door-to-door freight forwarding services and comprehensive insurance cover and security procedures in place to safeguard your cargo, you can be sure that it’s in good hands for the entire duration of its journey and reaches its destination promptly and efficiently.

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